Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Zac's 1st day of Preschool

Zachary was SO excited for his first day of school. We were counting down for quite a long time it seamed. Once the day finally arrived He was beaming from ear to ear! We had planned out his outfit (he calls them his "hip hop" clothes...and was dancing all through the store when were trying them on...where was my camera!!), he picked out his "Army" backpack that is half his size but no other backpack would do! and he posed for all the pictures I asked for (not necessarily the "pose" I wanted but he let me try to take pictures while he ran around on the step). I think it rubbed off on Thomas...he HAD to wear his backpack like Zac.

This is Thomas after trying to run away to school...he was a little jealous of all the school attention on his older siblings that he packed his backpack with a fruit cup and a toy gun and took off on Elise's barbie scooter. It was a scary few minutes, but thankfully we caught him before he got too far off! He wasn't too concerned about it and he came home peacefully once I explained that the schools were closed at 7:30pm. What a monkey!

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