Tuesday, July 27, 2010

6 months old

With Olivia we actually held back on solid food until 6 months. So with turning 1/2 year old she also had her first taste of cereal and we HAD to document her reaction...

With all that hard work...she tuckered out with Dad on the couch. (Check out her hair!)

Just a few reasons I love Michigan in the Spring...

I love a lot of things about living here...but this year it seemed like we were enjoying ourselves with beautiful weather and sunshine while the rest of the country had snow...here's a little more of my April wrap up.

Thomas, breaking out the Harley!
Zac...love that grin!

Olivia testing out her wheels while I weed the garden.

A few snaps from my front yard...

Of course, there is nothing better than enjoying great weather with your FANTASTIC kids...

My Girls

My Boys...

5 Months Old and 5 Times the Fun!

Our little monkey is so much fun! This month has been a busy one to say the least. We are done Physical Therapy for now and Olivia is making the most of her little "vacation". She loves nothing more and chewing on her toes (something her sister and brothers find hilarious!).

She has started sitting up on her own. I sat her down to demonstrate how quickly she just tips over...but she just kept on sitting and sitting and sitting.

She is sure a happy little girl! Definitely prefers having her Mom close by though.
Not a huge fan of the grass but loves to be outside.
She has started rolling off the carpet, onto the hardwood floor and then pushes herself backwards to get around. I've found her under end tables and behind the couch a few times!
Still trying to figure out the awkward hair...
What a fun month! We LOVE watching her explore new things and try out her newly found talents!