Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Iowa, Here We Come!!!

Well, Josh had to give a residency presentation back at Des Moines University so we all decided to come along for the ride. We LOVED our time living in Iowa and were excited to be able to see some old friends again. The kids were so excited to get to pull a suit case and stay in a hotel! This is the kids before checking in to the Hotel in downtown Des Moines. It was BEAUTIFUL!!

This is the view of the atrium from our room on the 8th floor. So fun! The kids just kept saying "this is SO SWEET!! Don't you think this is SWEET?!". I have to say that, while I may have an increased appetite being quite pregnant, the made to order omelets and hot breakfast was MY favorite part of the hotel!
We were able to relax and visit with friends. I didn't seem to have my camera out for any of that except this one of Elise trying her hand at pool. We loved seeing everyone! Thank you for the delicious dinners!!

While Josh was giving his presentation at the school the kids and I decided to hang out on campus and play around outside. This picture of the 3 kids cracks me up...both boys have the same expression on their faces!

They had some fun playing in the mist too. Actually, every time the mist came back on we HAD to run outside again!

We were pretty hungry by the end so we ventured to the nearest Olive Garden, knowing that there was something for everyone on the menu!

However, both boys were fast asleep by the time we got there and didn't even wake up when we moved to the table!

Thomas will usually wake up happy if there is tasty food waiting for him (in this case it was cheese pizza). Zachary...well not so much! He needs to eat right away or the emotions start in...
I'm sure he won't appreciate us including this little glimpse into our "real" life...but we aren't always a pretty pose! Thank goodness for ALFREDO sauce! Zac's latest love. This picture is blurry but he was shoveling it in so fast I couldn't get a good picture...you get the idea though!

Our evenings were spent walking around downtown Des Moines. I laugh at the thought that this area used to intimidate me! Here are the kids pretending to ice skate on the outdoor skating rink (minus the ice).

What a pretty little garden!

We had so much fun. I don't think we realized just how much we missed it until we went back. It really did feel like we were visiting home again.

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