Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Project Overload!

Well, there may be a little picture overload as well. I still have a lengthy "to do" list but I have decided that some things can wait a little longer! Here are the last of my completed projects. First off was my kitchen table and chairs. The chairs had been painted a while ago but the table was in DESPERATE need of some TLC! It had a broken leg (thank you to a handy friend who fixed that for us!). We bought this table at a garage sale when we moved here over 2 years ago and the previous owners had it in storage...which left it with a black end.
There were stamps (like the hula girl below) and plenty of marker stains from our kids that needed to go!
Here is the "after" shot. It was a little darker stain on the top than we planned. Our sweet Zachary wanted to "help" with the staining after I had finished the first coat. We had to put an extra coat on just fix all the "helpful" brush strokes that were going in every different direction. So, it looks almost black unless it is in the sunlight...still a better look than the hula girl though!

Next was the Baby's dresser. We had no extra drawers to squeeze this one's clothes into so I needed to get creative! Once we found the dresser, I realized that I already had what I needed to refinish it. So, with the help of a friend (who must have been inspired to call when she did...THANK YOU MARY!!) I was able to get the dresser moved outside, sanded, primed and painted in record time.
The funny part is that the hardware was more expensive than the dresser and refinish put together... but the dresser worked out perfectly for what we needed!

Now for the sewing part. I found a tutorial for a really cute (and easy) nursing cover on a friends blog http://sewmuchado.blogspot.com/2009/02/description-stylish-and-practical.html
I have never worked with boning before but I had so much fun putting this together!

After I finished the nursing cover I moved on to the rag edged receiving blankets (the tutorial is from the same friend's blog http://sewmuchado.blogspot.com/2009/09/rag-edge-receiving-blanket-tutorial.html). Once I cut out the blankets I decided I had enough material to make some matching burp clothes. All together I did 3 receiving blankets and 6 burp cloths and I think they turned out pretty cute! They are nice and big (my babies seem to out grow the usual ones pretty fast)...and SO soft!

Well, that wraps it up for now. Like I said, I still have a lot more on my list but that will have to wait until after baby I think!

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Hilary said...

Everything looks FANTASTIC!! Nice job, Shauna!!