Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Locks of Love

Well, we finally got around to cutting Elise's hair. I had mentioned the idea of "Locks of Love" last year in an attempt to convince Elise to let her hair stay long a little longer. I didn't mention it again but she never forgot it! This January Elise decided that it was the week to get it cut! So we went to Borics and Becca cut off 11 inches to donate! There were a few people in the salon and everyone made a point of telling Elise how proud they were that she would choose to share her hair to help other kids that didn't have it...I have to say I'm pretty proud too!

...the before shot...


...the ADORABLE Finished cut!

Kindergarten isn't what it used to be!

I remember pudding painting, making birds nests with grass and glue and snack time...Elise's kindergarten is a little different form my memories! The kids were given an at-home hibernation project to do (with family help). We procrastinated until the night before it was due of course. But at 8:30pm we finished the poster and Elise started practicing what she wanted to say. She was very specific with what she wanted her poster to look like, what animal she was going to present and what she wanted to say. I did a little guiding but Elise was the mastermind behind all of this. In about 5 minutes she had memorized her entire presentation and delivered a FANTASTIC report the next day. Enjoy the little video! For the piece of fur I had cut up one of Thomas' old ratty puppy dogs that the neighbor kids brought over for him...Elise happened to witness the end of that process and she was wanting to explain that to the class that "my Mom just cut up my baby brothers toy to use the fur"...this is where my "guiding" came in to play with what she wanted to say.

Mothers know best!

I realize the picture look a little gross, but this is just a little proof that we really do know what we're talking about. Elise is usually pretty good about remembering the rules and sticking to them. She obviously relaxed a little as she was playing with her gum in her hands for a second when it slipped out and was immediately tangled in her hair! We had to cut it out about 5 inches up. Her hair was so long that I couldn't even find the spot that I cut out afterwards. This was our first and hopefully the only "gum-in-hair" incident.

Happy Birthday Zac!

I realize that I already did a little birthday post to Zac but I didn't have any pictures. So, here's a couple.

This is a very sad excuse for a birthday cake, but Zac loved it! I was going to do a cake shaped like a light saber...but it just wasn't looking right. Then Zac decided he wanted a cake shaped like a "red planet". I couldn't get the icing to get red enough...the more I tried it looked peach! So, we got a little creative and plastered the sides with red sugar crystals. We were in the middle of a blizzard, I had a dentist appointment that morning and about 12 kids coming over...I was just glad to be done!!

This little Cutie loves Dinosaurs...

Well, I finally finished Zachary's Dinosaur quilt. I spent hours and hours at the sewing machine and then hand quilting that darn thing. Zachary was so excited to finally have it on his bed! In fact, He told me that "Jesus would be proud of HIM for having that quilt"...not proud of me, HIM. Anyways, we finally put it on his bed, he was beaming from ear to ear...and wouldn't sleep with it. He still won't sleep with it!
Oh well, maybe that way it will last for his kids to use some day.

Twas the night before school...

...and all through the house, I was following Elise trying to get that wiggly tooth out of her mouth!
Well, it went something like that. It was Sunday night, Christmas break was officially over. Elise was brushing her teeth and this tooth was hanging forward! I kept asking to wiggle it "softly" but I guess I was getting a little annoying because Elise piped up and said "Can we PLEASE stop talking about my tooth!"
So, as I was tucking her in I asked if I could pull it one time and if she screamed I would stop and not talk about it again. So, in an effort to get me to leave her alone she agreed. One little tug and it was out!! For weeks she was announcing it to everyone she saw (anywhere!). The tooth Fairy brought her a one Dollar bill. She has informed me that she thinks that when her next tooth falls out she will probably get $2...who told her that??

What a Wonderful Morning!

What could be better than Christmas morning?! I love the excitement of it all, seeing the looks on the kids faces as they see what Santa brought them. Without fail there is bound to be someone that has forgotten what day it is and refuses to wake up. In our house you can't go into the living room until everyone is up and ready to go in at the same time. This Christmas it was Zachary that wouldn't wake up...

...and what could be more fun to pass the time while Zac wakes up than a little nose picking...

here's Zac loving the loot! We had to convince him that there was something more exciting than a sock full of candy!

Elise with her "Baby Alive Goes Bye Bye".

These next pictures are for Grandpa Nilsson...the boys opening their light sabers(spelling??) and Elise with her Barbie that goes in the water...ALL of which are still a HUGE hit.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Well, We travelled to a few places in search of Santa Claus and finally had wonderful luck at the Eastland Mall. I realize that it is now February and a little late to share this tip but for next year this is where we're going! There wasn't a line and they let us take as long as we wanted to take pictures. Actually, Thomas was a little unsure of the white bearded man...but Santa did everything he could to make him feel a little more comfortable so we could get a picture. Here's the proof...

Guilty Again...

Alright, I have promised too many people that I would post things right away...and then failed to follow through (AGAIN). So Sorry! I am officially catching up today, so get ready!