Wednesday, November 19, 2008

From Boy to Man...

Our little Thomas LOVES to shave with his Dad! He has his own plastic "Curious George" razor with the foam soap (Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Rhodenizer). So this is just a little clip of our baby boy...growing up a little.

A Little Inspiration...

Well, last year I found a pattern for an applique Dinosaur quilt on line (and free at the time). Zac LOVES dinosaurs so I thought I would make him a new quilt for his bed (just in time for LAST Christmas or birthday). I finished 2 dinosaur blocks, realized what an under taking it was...especially when no one around you knows how to do it either. Last Friday, was my turn for our project group. I decided that I'd have the girls help me get started on the next couple squares. At the last moment I decided that a new type of interfacing was needed. BOY AM I GLAD! It made a world of difference! We were able to get all the pieces cut out and ironed into place on 2 patches. Then I realized how awful my first ones looked compared to the new and improved! So after the girls left, I was so excited that I kept going and made the first 2 all over again and finished the 5th pattern the next morning! WHEW!

Today I finished the block patches and just need to figure out my fabric for the Sashes and such. I think this year it's actually going to be DONE!
So, here are the pictures of the different patches. 5 Dino patches and 4 of the "block" patches...I'm still thinking about the green border though. All I can say is THANK YOU GIRLS!! for kicking me into gear!

Halloween Halloween Halloween!!!

It felt like Halloween lasted FOREVER this year! I'm ready to put the last of the candy in the garbage and never think of it again! (until next year of course). We weren't very original this year...we all fit into our "Incredibles" costumes from last year so we gave it one last go. This picture is from last year though, so you need to imagine everyone one year older. We did have our family pictures done in our costumes, but I was feeling guilty about just scanning the you get to use your imaginations a bit!

In no particular order, we had trick or treating and pizza at Josh's work (we forgot the camera- but how many pictures do you need of a family in red spandex!?). There was Elise's school party that closed up 30 minutes early, so we got all dressed up for nothing! Then the school parade of costumes (below).

We had Elise's Ballet party. Her class has 14 girls in it between the ages of 4 and 6.

They were cute though! The teacher set up Hula Hoops around the room with a picture of a ballet position. Each family stood at hoop and as the girls came around they had to show you the ballet position to get the treat... which is why Elise is standing the way she is.

Last but not least we had our church party. It was a decent turn out. One of the favorite games was the "bobbing for doughnuts". I never did try it out but Elise and Josh had a blast...

there you have it! I realize it's about 3 weeks over due.

Our First Time in Public...

...Well, that's what Josh told the couple taking the picture. It was our first time going to the Cider Mill and Apple Orchard. There are plenty around this area I guess, but it took us a year and a half to get to one! Thanks to Jeremy and the kids for inviting us to join them!
I was trying to get some pictures of all the kids together but the boys kept moving so fast (even while eating their apple doughnuts) that I'm surprised I could even get them in the same picture...

The kids had a blast running wild on the playground, wobbling their way through "The Black Hole" aka "the scare house" and ...

...picking apples in the orchard. The kids were so excited! We were told we could eat as much as we wanted while we picked. They were SO tasty! Elise and I each had one. Josh had 4!

Thomas nibbled here and there on quite a few different varieties. I think most of them came from the ground (we weren't always fast enough to stop him). Why pick one when they're just sitting there in plain view!

Zac HAD to have one in each hand!

We spent the rest of the time at the petting zoo and just goofing around.

I think Thomas is wondering if anyone else noticed the extra kid ... I'm not sure Who she is but she ended up in a few pictures!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Your Opinion Please...

Alright! When we were trying to decide what to order for our family pictures we were having a hard time deciding on Zac's head shot. There were so many different pictures of him, all with a different smile but all of them are "classic Zac" looks. He's always had that big, toothy grin that we love! So, we finally decided on one to have cropped in to make it a head shot but it didn't work out. Now we need to decide on a new one. Here are the options:




Leave a comment and let us know your favorite!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our Family Pictures:

Sleepy sleepy...

...Thomas! He doesn't do this often but we had a couple weeks where every time he was quiet he was asleep in some awkward place. Here are a few pictures of his "choice" nap spots:

I know, I know, the stroller isn't a shocker!
The laundry pile...

The couch. Thomas had come upstairs and grabbed a coloring book and crayon...the crayon is still in his hand! The book is underneath him. Check out the angle he's sleeping! That cannot be comfortable!

"Auntie Jenn" Part 2

Well, we couldn't go out on Jenn's actual birthday but we still needed to celebrate! So...we made cupcakes with homemade butter cream icing and sprinkles! I think the cupcakes were only there to hold up the inch thick icing *YUM*.
The cake mix wasn't too bad either!

As you can see, Elise enjoyed licking the beaters too!

Here's Jen trying her hand at the icing...looks pretty good to me!

To finish it all off we had a very off key (but joyful) singing of "Happy Birthday" Thanks Jenn for coming our way!! We miss you!

WARNING! a little catch up and a lot of pictures!

Well, This is WAY overdue (since this is from the middle of September). I was lucky enough to have my friend Jenn (bff since the first grade) come and spend her birthday week here in Michigan! I think we exhausted her (as seems to be the case with anyone that comes to visit us...hmmmm). We loved having her here and I think we had a little fun...and a LOT of shopping!

This is a little out of order but a couple days *after* her birthday we were able to go out for dinner (no kids). We went to a restaurant called "Fishbones". It was good food and just fun to get out and reminisce and laugh to the point of pain!
Jenn had the Sushi...I'm not a fish lover but she said it was awesome! (it looked good...accept for the fish)

During the week we ventured to the Zoo and had a little fun, the animals were all up close and personal so we got some good pictures. Zac HAD to have his picture taken...they make a cute picture though!

While at the Zoo we ventured into the Butterfly exhibit. Somehow in the *15* trips to the zoo we had never gone in! It isn't very big and you have to leave your strollers outside (maybe that's why we've never gone boys would be free to roam!). Well, there were so many different Butterflies and they would land on some people. I took way too many pictures but here are a couple.

Here's Zac trying to get up close...

My boys are all about waking up our guests in the morning...Thomas loved cuddling with "Auntie Jenn".
This concludes Part one of our fun filled week. More to come!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Chains Anyone?

Well, we've had a busy house the last while. The other day I had spent most of the day cleaning and finally got in the shower just after 2:00pm (so I could pick the girls up from school). Once out of the shower Zac came to chat with me and was saying something about "going for a walk". I was busy trying to get ready so I brushed it off with a generic "oh really?". Out of the corner of my eye I realized there was more light coming in from the living room/ entry. I ran down there and sure enough the door was wide open! I panicked and made sure Thomas was still here and then asked Zac if he had actually gone for a walk? He replied with a easy going "um yup! I went for a walk to John's house but I heard a dog noise so I came back!" WHAT?! I gave him what I thought was a pretty good "talking to" on the dangers of his choices... but I don't think it stuck with him.
The next day, I was feeling pretty exhausted after a rough night with Zac (who never seems to wear out from being sick and crying all night). I put a movie on for the boys and went to lay down for just a second. I think (from the time on my alarm clock) that my nap lasted about 3 minutes when I realized that my boys were quiet (never a good sign with my boys). So, I panicked *again* and went to see what was going on. They were in fact playing nicely! However, I noticed the "always locked and dead bolted" door was no longer locked or dead bolted. I questioned Zac about it and he replied with " umm yup! I had my keys so I went out side".
So, I think that the chains we bought for the doors (to keep Thomas from going out alone) need to go up to keep Zac from *planning field trips*!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Our Gallery is Up...

You can check out our photo gallery at:
It will expire on Oct. 25th.
If you have any favorites, let us know!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Just for Shock Value...

The other day Josh was playing play dough with the kids. Elise had requested that he help her build her bedroom (complete with pillows, books, blankets, etc.). Zac saw what fun they were having and asked Josh to help him as well. When Josh asked what he wanted to make he replied "umm, a girl in a shower"! WHAT?!

Recently Elise makes a point of telling us things she would and wouldn't want to do when ever we are out. For example, when we drive by Pizza Hut she will inform us that "I do not want to eat there!" or when driving over a bridge she'll say "I do NOT want to jump that high!". Well, On our latest adventure Elise informed us that she was in fact "afraid of heights". Zac responded with "I'm not afraid of heights! I have a bug catcher to catch those ones".

ABC's and 123's

I realize that Elise has been in school for 6 weeks now and I'm just now trying to get caught up on my blogging. She has so much fun and wants to practise her reading and writing constantly until she gets it perfect! The first week was a little emotional...partly because my first baby was going to be leaving me for 7 hours a day 5 days a week. It was a little more emotional for Elise though...meaning she was crying at the drop of a hat for the first couple turned out that she had a fever and had to stay home sick on day 4! Once we were over that she has loved it since (but equally loves to sleep in on Saturday mornings).
Here she is all ready to walk to school the first day. She picked out her new school outfit herself!

Elise and Brinley were so excited to see each other at school ( we couldn't hardly get them to stop hugging and squealing).

Here she is at her table, ready to learn! I can't believe how fast this day came and went!

The BIG 2!

Well, Thomas turned 2! His birthday happened to be the same day as the Camp out so we celebrated a little late with Uncle Zac and Auntie Sarah. Our days were pretty busy and since he was oblivious to the fact that the celebration was for him we just bought a cake and sang to him.
He was all smiles on the way home with the cake...

...and all smiles when he saw that it was "SUPERMAN" on his cake...

and as soon as I can figure out how to get the video from our video camera you'll see how *happy* he was when we sang to him. He spent the whole time screaming "NNNNOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOO NOOOOO STOP! STOP! NOOOOOO". I guess he wasn't too excited about being the center of attention for that part. I'll post that as soon as I get the video...that's our little sweetie!

A little Sneak Peek...

I have SOOOOOOOO much blogging to get done and my list just gets longer the more I put it off but this Saturday we were able to have our first ever *real* photo shoot as a family (thank you again M and H!). We had so much FUN! Our photographer was VERY patient...between 5 miles of basically stopped traffic, the gas light coming on, and a barely awake and grumpy Zac needing to make an *emergency* bathroom stop...well, we were a little late!
However, once we finally got there and met her...She was wonderful! The kids loved her right away and she learned pretty quick what strange things worked to coax those smiles (we have 2 boys... smelly squirrels and bird poop! need I say more?). We were able to get some family pictures done right away and then she took each of the kids away from the group for a solo shoot. Elise was ecstatic, Thomas cooperated well when he didn't know he was cooperating (make sense?) and Zac...well he made us all work. He was happy just not willing to make a normal smile or stand where he needed to be (not shocking I know! What 3 1/2 year old does?!).

Well, I would recommend her to anyone! You can check out our *sneak peek* on her blog at:

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just a few more... (OK, maybe more than a few).

Almost every day we were home Uncle Zac and little Zac (who doesn't nap anymore) could be found curled up in some sort of uncomfortable position for a little afternoon nap. We couldn't separate the two. I found out that little Zac would wake up early and sneak into Zac and Sarah's room to cuddle up with them in the mornings...which would explain why OUR mornings were a little more quiet. One night at dinner little Zac says: "Mom, my uncle's cool". That about sums it up. He still talks about them daily!

Some more pictures from the camp out...

Thomas' first driving lesson...I guess he figured he could get us home a little quicker!

We had some fun at Dave and Buster's (without the kids). The boys tried their hands at the football...we didn't score too many tokens at that one (Uncle Rico still had fun though right?!).
Between Zac hitting the jackpot, some "rigged" horse races (we would wait until it was just us playing so we were guaranteed all the tokens!) and Sarah's left hook, it was a blast to get out and be "the kids" for a little while!

Thanks guys for letting us wear you out! Can't wait to see you in December!