Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Elise's 1st day of Grade 1

This is Elise before leaving for her 1st day of grade 1. She was SO excited! I'm not sure what she was more excited about...starting school or not having to deal with her brothers teasing her all day!
While Elise was at school all day her brothers kept busy building forts and "beds for the baby" like this one below...

They were collecting EVERY single blanket, quilt, pillow and couch cushion in the house for this "project"...what a mess! But the laughs were worth it.
By 10:00am they were asking if we could go and get Elise, by noon Thomas was just tuckered out! He took a quilt to the love seat, set his glasses aside and was asleep in about 15 seconds! What a sweetheart! (we don't actually have naps anymore...but how can you say "no" to this little chocolate mustache face?)

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