Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just a few more...

...pictures (OK, maybe more than a few).

Almost every day we were home Uncle Zac and little Zac (who doesn't nap anymore) could be found curled up in some sort of uncomfortable position for a little afternoon nap. We couldn't separate the two. I found out that little Zac would wake up early and sneak into Zac and Sarah's room to cuddle up with them in the mornings...which would explain why OUR mornings were a little more quiet. One night at dinner little Zac says: "Mom, my uncle's cool". That about sums it up. He still talks about them daily!

Some more pictures from the camp out...

Thomas' first driving lesson...I guess he figured he could get us home a little quicker!

We had some fun at Dave and Buster's (without the kids). The boys tried their hands at the football...we didn't score too many tokens at that one (Uncle Rico still had fun though right?!).
Between Zac hitting the jackpot, some "rigged" horse races (we would wait until it was just us playing so we were guaranteed all the tokens!) and Sarah's left hook, it was a blast to get out and be "the kids" for a little while!

Thanks guys for letting us wear you out! Can't wait to see you in December!

Those two love birds...

...were so fun to have around! Zac and Sarah stayed with us on their way to Montreal. We were thrilled to see them! They were quite the troopers, it was a crazy busy between the camp out, Thomas' birthday, Elise getting ready for school and just everyday life but we were able to squeeze in some fun. We hit the Detroit Zoo one afternoon, Lake Saint Clair and Dave and Buster's.

We've put our zoo pass to pretty good use this year, but the kids never seem to get sick of it.
Thomas, between cutting molars and just being 2! was about as warm and fuzzy during there visit and this guy...
So, we were thrilled when he finally gave in...and took a little breather!
We ended the day with are newest tradition...a little train ride!

A few firsts...

August 22 was our Ward Campout (and Thomas' birthday), as well as the day Zac and Sarah arrived at our house. We didn't give them much time to settle in! They pulled up at about 1:30am and we had them camping that night at this place...
It was a beautiful setting for our very first time camping...and VERY humid! That didn't stop us from having fun.
Zac was so excited to help set up camp.

Thomas woke up pretty grumpy the next morning(shocked?). Thanks to a friend with a pop tart the fit didn't last too long.
The men did an awesome job on breakfast! We decided that since the food turned out so good this year that maybe next year we'll kick it up a knotch...maybe crepes, or eggs benedict??

We spent the rest of the morning with the kids playing in the creek and getting pretty filthy! My boys are pretty skilled when it comes to playing in dirt... but nothing like our friends little girl! Those dirty fingers sure make that marshmallow look clean!
All in all it was a fun event. We were so glad that Zac and Sarah could join us (even though there is a lack of pictures...maybe on another post)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Little Salsa Anyone?

I realize that this is not in chronological order and I have no pictures to go with this ( not to mention, a million other posts waiting to get done!). However, this was so fun I had to put a little blurb up here.
Last night, we (along with a few other couples) had SALSA Dancing lessons. This was a birthday surprise for a friend from her husband. Just the THOUGHT of Dancing in front of professionals (and friends!) made my heart pound, but we danced up a sweat and had a BLAST!
When Josh and I were dating, he begged me to take swing dance lessons with him... I of course was too worried that he would see my lack of rhythm/coordination and leave me on the dance floor. So, last night was my chance to step out of my comfort zone and have a little fun. I have no idea what I looked like while dancing (I had to watch the instructors to make sure I was on track), if there were cameras anywhere I'm sure we would be rolling on the floor laughing! All I can say is, we definitely need to do this again sometime!
Thanks again guys for the AWESOME evening! Because of you I was dreaming of Salsa all night.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A little Vacation...

from blogging it seems. We have been CRAZY busy here between company (which we were THRILLED to have), Elise starting school, and just everyday life.

So, I promise I will get back on the ball and try to catch up as soon as I catch my breath!