Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What a Wonderful Morning!

What could be better than Christmas morning?! I love the excitement of it all, seeing the looks on the kids faces as they see what Santa brought them. Without fail there is bound to be someone that has forgotten what day it is and refuses to wake up. In our house you can't go into the living room until everyone is up and ready to go in at the same time. This Christmas it was Zachary that wouldn't wake up...

...and what could be more fun to pass the time while Zac wakes up than a little nose picking...

here's Zac loving the loot! We had to convince him that there was something more exciting than a sock full of candy!

Elise with her "Baby Alive Goes Bye Bye".

These next pictures are for Grandpa Nilsson...the boys opening their light sabers(spelling??) and Elise with her Barbie that goes in the water...ALL of which are still a HUGE hit.

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Mark, Holly and Boys said...

All 3 of the kids are looking sooo grown up! It's been way to long since we've seen them. *waaahh!*