Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Twas the night before school...

...and all through the house, I was following Elise trying to get that wiggly tooth out of her mouth!
Well, it went something like that. It was Sunday night, Christmas break was officially over. Elise was brushing her teeth and this tooth was hanging forward! I kept asking to wiggle it "softly" but I guess I was getting a little annoying because Elise piped up and said "Can we PLEASE stop talking about my tooth!"
So, as I was tucking her in I asked if I could pull it one time and if she screamed I would stop and not talk about it again. So, in an effort to get me to leave her alone she agreed. One little tug and it was out!! For weeks she was announcing it to everyone she saw (anywhere!). The tooth Fairy brought her a one Dollar bill. She has informed me that she thinks that when her next tooth falls out she will probably get $2...who told her that??

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Mark, Holly and Boys said...

How in the world do you have a kid old enough to be losing teeth? It's weird to think about having both kids that are LOSING and kids that are still GETTING teeth at the same time :)