Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kindergarten isn't what it used to be!

I remember pudding painting, making birds nests with grass and glue and snack time...Elise's kindergarten is a little different form my memories! The kids were given an at-home hibernation project to do (with family help). We procrastinated until the night before it was due of course. But at 8:30pm we finished the poster and Elise started practicing what she wanted to say. She was very specific with what she wanted her poster to look like, what animal she was going to present and what she wanted to say. I did a little guiding but Elise was the mastermind behind all of this. In about 5 minutes she had memorized her entire presentation and delivered a FANTASTIC report the next day. Enjoy the little video! For the piece of fur I had cut up one of Thomas' old ratty puppy dogs that the neighbor kids brought over for him...Elise happened to witness the end of that process and she was wanting to explain that to the class that "my Mom just cut up my baby brothers toy to use the fur"...this is where my "guiding" came in to play with what she wanted to say.

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Mark, Holly and Boys said...

Like we've always said...cute AND smart :)