Friday, October 31, 2008

Chains Anyone?

Well, we've had a busy house the last while. The other day I had spent most of the day cleaning and finally got in the shower just after 2:00pm (so I could pick the girls up from school). Once out of the shower Zac came to chat with me and was saying something about "going for a walk". I was busy trying to get ready so I brushed it off with a generic "oh really?". Out of the corner of my eye I realized there was more light coming in from the living room/ entry. I ran down there and sure enough the door was wide open! I panicked and made sure Thomas was still here and then asked Zac if he had actually gone for a walk? He replied with a easy going "um yup! I went for a walk to John's house but I heard a dog noise so I came back!" WHAT?! I gave him what I thought was a pretty good "talking to" on the dangers of his choices... but I don't think it stuck with him.
The next day, I was feeling pretty exhausted after a rough night with Zac (who never seems to wear out from being sick and crying all night). I put a movie on for the boys and went to lay down for just a second. I think (from the time on my alarm clock) that my nap lasted about 3 minutes when I realized that my boys were quiet (never a good sign with my boys). So, I panicked *again* and went to see what was going on. They were in fact playing nicely! However, I noticed the "always locked and dead bolted" door was no longer locked or dead bolted. I questioned Zac about it and he replied with " umm yup! I had my keys so I went out side".
So, I think that the chains we bought for the doors (to keep Thomas from going out alone) need to go up to keep Zac from *planning field trips*!


Michelle said...

How scary! I'm glad everything turned out to be ok but that is not a feeling I ever want to have. I've heard really good things about a product called the flip lock:

A little bit of crazy.... said...

Wow! That is a perfect scary story to tell on Halloween! Talk about every mom's worst nightmare!

I'm way into locks and prevention, but even still, kids can do so many unexpected things!

Leslie said...

That is so scary. I am paranoid about Isaac doing the same thing since we live on a main street and he thinks he can tell the cars to stop. I hope your Halloween goes well. They also have chimes you can put on your doors so they beep anytime the door is open. My sister-in-law took advantage of that.