Wednesday, November 5, 2008

WARNING! a little catch up and a lot of pictures!

Well, This is WAY overdue (since this is from the middle of September). I was lucky enough to have my friend Jenn (bff since the first grade) come and spend her birthday week here in Michigan! I think we exhausted her (as seems to be the case with anyone that comes to visit us...hmmmm). We loved having her here and I think we had a little fun...and a LOT of shopping!

This is a little out of order but a couple days *after* her birthday we were able to go out for dinner (no kids). We went to a restaurant called "Fishbones". It was good food and just fun to get out and reminisce and laugh to the point of pain!
Jenn had the Sushi...I'm not a fish lover but she said it was awesome! (it looked good...accept for the fish)

During the week we ventured to the Zoo and had a little fun, the animals were all up close and personal so we got some good pictures. Zac HAD to have his picture taken...they make a cute picture though!

While at the Zoo we ventured into the Butterfly exhibit. Somehow in the *15* trips to the zoo we had never gone in! It isn't very big and you have to leave your strollers outside (maybe that's why we've never gone boys would be free to roam!). Well, there were so many different Butterflies and they would land on some people. I took way too many pictures but here are a couple.

Here's Zac trying to get up close...

My boys are all about waking up our guests in the morning...Thomas loved cuddling with "Auntie Jenn".
This concludes Part one of our fun filled week. More to come!

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