Monday, April 26, 2010

I Spy a 7 year old!!

Well, this secret agent is now 7!! I can't believe it. We are so blessed to have Elise in our family. She is always willing to help out (especially with Olivia!), rarely gives us a reason for a time out and is always grinning! (with or without teeth...lately it's without!). Elise decided that this year she wanted to have a "Spy" themed birthday party. I was grateful to have a change from the usual "princess" party (although it would have been easier!). We did have fun though. We sent out invitations to each of our guests in the form of an "Assignment" to our secret agent party guests, complete with code names. It was so fun when all the guests called to RSVP in full character requesting "agent... to accept the mission". So FUN!

Here they are filling out their passports with their secret identity...a MUST before being able to enter the Secret Spy Training Academy (a.k.a...our basement).

Once in the secret hideout they were given instructions on how to complete the training. We had a very INTENSE obstacle course with a laser field (pictured below), target practice and rescue protocol. Followed up with a game of "telephone" to test their listening skills...which weren't the best actually. They were so worried about passing on the wrong phrase that they wouldn't say anything at all. We tried to explain that that was the fun of the game to hear what silly thing ended up being passed on...but they insisted on saying the right thing...except Zac (he just made up a new phrase when ever he wanted!).

Then it was time to sing Happy Birthday and eat our cake and ice cream. I had made cupcakes with a fuse coming out the top (to look like a bomb) was somewhat successful.

Then it was time for the gifts!

The kids were so excited to read the cards they had given...and they all thought that they had written something quite hilarious!
Well, it was a fun day and we couldn't be more excited to celebrate it with our wonderful Elise!

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