Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Zac's tooth

Well, Zachary had his first cavities. They were planning on putting on a chrome cap once they fixed it and Zac was pretty excited about having a shiny metal tooth too! Once they took another look at the x-ray they realized that it was already infected and had cracked...so they told him that his tooth was wiggly and they were going to see if they could "wiggle it a little more" and give it to the tooth fairy. Zac was THRILLED! Well, after a little "kiddie cocktail", some nitrous oxide and a little numbing he was D-R-U-N-K! (those were the dentist's words). He was feeling a little silly and wanted to know what he looked like so we snapped a few pictures while the meds were setting in...

By this point he was trying to put the rubber nose on his shoes and would slur his words and giggle at everything!
Here is his Molar. The roots were HUGE! it was almost a surgical extraction. Zac was such a trooper! Even once all the meds wore off he never once complained about his mouth being sore. Infact, he would stop everyone he saw to show them the hole in his mouth, inform them that he is not allowed to eat sticky stuff and show them his $1 that the tooth fairy left him. What a good kid!

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Tim and Ashlee said...

Eeee OUCH! Gotta love the dentist eh? Glad he's still at the stage where he thought all that was awesome. hehe