Tuesday, December 22, 2009

All Things Halloween...

With Olivia arriving ON Halloween I haven't actually posted about the festivities leading up to the occasion. This is of the kids before heading out for the church "Trunk-or-Treat" that I had been in charge of. I love how Zac is winking at me! (click the picture to see it better).

Thomas went trick or treating with one of the Young women so I could snap a few pictures of the event.

It was SOOOOOO COLD! We had Hot chocolate and donuts waiting for us inside. The kids had to run from car to car just to stay warm!!

This is Elise at her school Halloween parade.
Zachary, at his preschool parade (we forgot his costume so he borrowed something from the dress up chest in his classroom...he was THRILLED!)
Just a few hours after this picture was taken we were heading to the hospital to be induced! That was a very crazy day!!

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Tim and Ashlee said...

You have such cute kids!