Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thomas is 3!

This is the birthday boy right before his pre-birthday haircut...he was REALLY past due!
Here's our little sweetheart on the big day! We had already been to another birthday party that morning and so he had some nice "swim hair" going on.
I had made a little lion cut out for our game (Thanks Holly for the was a HUGE hit). But before we fed "Leo the Lion" (or "Kevin" as Zac called him) his water balloon diet I had all the kids get their picture with him.

Thomas was SO excited to greet his party guests as they arrived...
Let the water balloon throwing begin!!!

Most of them weren't the best shot... but boy did they have fun!
We had some pizza and crazy bread...Thomas was in HEAVEN! I couldn't get him to stop eating long enough to get a picture. When asked what he wanted for his birthday he said he wanted "pizza, cake, ice cream and a red present". He doesn't ask for much!

We did a Jungle party theme...and here was the cake...
We sang happy birthday and we're pretty sure it was Nixon that actually blew out the candles but Thomas was sure trying (He thought he did it on his own).
I love how Elise is the only one in this picture singing (enthusiastically too I might add).

We had a pinata and presents but I didn't have my camera out for those. Every gift has been put to good use already! Thank you everyone! The kids had a blast running around outside. The weather was perfect, not too hot or cold and no humidity!! It was a busy day but all worth it for our sweetheart. Happy Birthday Thomas! We sure love you!


Tim and Ashlee said...

Happy Birthday Thomas!

Love all the party stuff. Glad I'm not the only crazy mommy that goes all out for a birthday. hehe

Mark, Holly and Boys said...

What a fun party! I just wish we could have been there. The picnic table sure looks great by the way!

Diana said...

Wow! The cake is amazing. What an awesome thing for a little boy to eat!!