Sunday, August 30, 2009


As the "Activities Chairperson" I was was in charge of putting on the annual church family camp out again this year. I'm not a rugged camper by any means so we camped at a beautiful camp ground with wonderful modern bathrooms and a nice big pavilion to eat our breakfast in (which came in handy when we were caught in a crazy downpour by about 9am). It was nothing too fancy, once you get the kids out doors with their friends, give them some s'mores around the campfire and throw in sleeping in a tent...what more entertainment do you need? We bought our first tent this year. I couldn't decide what to get (that was within our budget). Once we were at the store we realized that the picking was slim (being the end of the season) so we were stuck between SQUEEZING the 5 of us into a 4-6 man dome tent or an 11 man tent. Since I am famous for OVER packing and we are soon to be a family of 6 we went for the larger one (and boy is it BIG!). I will admit it might be a little bigger than we NEEDED...we had 2 queen size air mattresses in there and easily had room for a 3rd. At least we will never out grow this one.

The kids had a blast running around with their friends and telling "scary stories" in the dark. Here is Elise with 2 of her friends.

One by one the kids came to me ASKING to go to bed... we had the 3 of them sleeping sideways on a queen size air mattress and it worked quite well.
I LOVE when my kids are in a deep sleep...Thomas looks so sweet and innocent (he's probably just dreaming about wrestling and "punching the kids"...). Oh, my sweet little Thomas!

I will admit that after only a few hours of uncomfortable sleep I wasn't the sweetest camper in the took me a few days to be able to walk "normal" again but over all the camp out was a success and we will definitely do it again.


Tim and Ashlee said...

Camping in a tent while very pregnant....hmmmmm. hehe Glad you had fun. We love camping!

Mark, Holly and Boys said...

Since I know how much of a camper you are anyway (lol) I'm even more impressed that you did it while pregnant. Way to take one for the team :)