Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oh Zac!

I don't think we can go a day with out some sort of "one liner" from Zac. He just cracks us up left and right! So, before I forget are a few more little Zacisms.

Josh: When we have the new baby we will have 6 people in our family.
Elise and Zac: I wish we had 8!
Zac: How about Harry Potter and Hermione, they can be part of our family...and Hermione can sleep in my bed!

Me: Zac, please stop pushing on my tummy.
Zac: oh, because you have a baby in there?
Me: Yup! a baby sister for you.
Zac: Oh, I think we should call her Sarah!
Me: what other names do you like?
Zac: Umm, I like Kevin...yeah, that's all I've got!

Zachary was coloring on his chair in Sunbeams, the story was relayed to me something like this:
Teacher: Zac, we don't color on the chairs! We might have to tell your Dad!
Zac: *pause* Actually, I got a great idea! How about when we put the chairs away we put mine on the bottom!

In church today, the kids were singing for Father's Day. Zachary surprised me by willingly going up to the front with the kids and wiggling his way to the front of the group (Zac says he doesn't like any singing...). The children began singing, there is one little girl that seems to know the words to every song they sing and has a voice that seems to carry over everyone else'. Zachary just happened to be right in front of her and once they started he put his hands over his ears and tried to get as far away as he could saying "it's too loud!!"

Tonight we went out for a walk with the kids. It was a beautiful night with very little humidity so we thought it would be nice to let the kids burn off a little energy walking. Elise and Zac went ahead a little while Thomas stayed by and sweetly held our hands. All of a sudden Zac turned and yelled "Hey! can I hold YOUR hand?" He was looking right past me...he was talking to a couple that was walking behind us. He walked about 10 feet holding the woman's hand until they turned down their street. As they turned he yelled out "I can't wait to come play at your house sometime, that would be so fun!". He also yelled that to one of Elise's classmates that happened to be driving by about 30 minutes later (I think he may be desperate for some play dates!).

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The Amayesings said...

I think there are super-fun little spirits who come to earth with "Zachary" plastered to their spirit-forehead, and were send to make us chuckle!!