Thursday, June 11, 2009

6 years already!!

Well, I realize that I am getting this post up a little late, and thanks to my issues with blogger I am posting everything out of order...I am done re-loading all the pictures and video, this will just have to do!
March 31st, Elise turned 6! I can't believe my baby is so grown up. We planned a "Queen of the Jungle" party (shockingly NOT a princess theme). I tried to make a snake cake...but my bunt cake pan had a few issues and before I knew it I was baking a cake on the bottom of my oven as well as in the pan! Once the smoke cleared and I trimmed the second cake to be the same height as the first I attempted to piece it together. With a lot of buttercream icing and a few m&m's we were ready to go! Here's the birthday girl before we cut in.

Elise, opening ALL the gifts...Zac insisted that he give her one too (I'm sure she remembers that)

Alright, this is a little out of order and I didn't have my camera out for all of it seeing as it was Josh and I with 14 kids. We started with a little craft of sticky foam and colored sand (Thank you Arts n' Scraps). Then, while I got the table cleared and ready for cake and ice cream Josh took care of the party downstairs. The kids had a "Jungle Dance Party". We hung garden hoses around the basement (like a vine), we had stuffed snakes and lizards hanging all over with streamers and jungle print balloons. After the cake and ice cream we had the pinata...which is when it all got REALLY crazy. Elise went first and pulled the string the first try! So, candy was falling, girls were crying about not getting to pull a string, or someone grabbed more candy than her, etc. etc. Then the parents began to arrive...just in time! All in all it was a fun party, and you see in the video clips below a little bit of what was going on.

Singing to the birthday girl.

One of MANY clips of the dance party...and this was all BEFORE the cake, ice cream and candy!


Hilary said...

Love the dancing clip!! Too funny. . . Ella will love to see these pics tomorrow. . . She's so grateful to be Elise's friend!

Mark, Holly and Boys said...

So glad to finally see these pics ;) The snake cake looks so cute! You can tell that they all had such a great time too - that dancing clip is hilarious. Love it.