Friday, March 12, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I realize that this post is a "little" past due but Christmas isn't something that I can just skip over. We had a WONDERFUL Christmas! Christmas Eve was spent with good friends having an AMAZING dinner. When we returned home the elves had left some Christmas pj's on our door step for the kids...I have never seen them get changed so fast! Christmas morning was so fun (as always). Everyone slept in!!! which is normally great but this year we were having one group of people over for a late breakfast (Josh made crepes with ALL the fixings). and we were hosting the Residents for a potluck dinner that night. So, we were a little behind schedule but managed to have some fun during the chaos.the kids opening their gifts from Santa

Thomas, wishing he could read...

Elise and her LONG awaited Baby Alive Doll that eats and goes potty. She changed about 10 diapers before we finished breakfast!

This is how Olivia spent her first Christmas...

the unwrapping of the Wii!!!

Most of the group.

I'm not sure how it happened but I failed to get any pictures of either of our meals that day. The breakfast was delicious. We enjoyed visiting with the Schell's and the missionaries. Dinner was VERY tasty!! I'm pretty sure that was the juiciest turkey I have ever had! The best part about Christmas dinner is the leftovers...and we enjoyed those for a few days! It was a Wonderfully EXHAUSTING day.

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Tim and Ashlee said...

Loved your Christmas post in March. :) You still beat me... I've yet to do a post about our Christmas. Ooops!