Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Little Encouragement

It's funny thinking back to when we decided to become parents. The whole plan just seemed grand! We were so excited to see and hold that sweet little baby and we were sure that OUR kids wouldn't be the "problem child", we would love them, they would love us and we would do everything perfect, our life would be wonderful and to top it all off I would be the BEST little homemaker with everything in its place and dinner on the table. What they don't tell you (or what they told us but we didn't hear) was that, while this is the most rewarding job you could ever is also the most difficult and exhausting job you could ever have!
Well, our life IS wonderful, we DO love our children, I'm pretty sure they love us back. I will admit that we are NOT perfect parents and my children DO have melt downs from time to time ;) and everything is in A place in my home...not necessarily in the right one though but we DO eat dinner every night.
As exhausting as this job is, I wouldn't change it! Life gives you little moments that recharge you for what ever may come next. Sometimes it's the 300 hugs and kisses when they should already be in bed, or just peeking in on them while they sleep, or when Elise was SO excited for my birthday that she made me a card EVERY DAY for about a week and a half leading up to the big day. Sometimes it's when Thomas tells me that my left handed "stick person" sketch of our family is "AMAZING!", when he brings me breakfast in bed (with plastic food) or when he chooses to have a nap just to come and cuddle with me. Today was another one of those days. Zachary was asked in his class today at church "What is Love?" and his response was "Love is my Mom". I guess I must have done something right. what a sweet sweet boy! I am now recharged and ready for whatever tomorrow brings! I am SO thankful for these little gifts!!


Jen B. said...

You are amazing -- this post gave me chills. Everything a mom feels and dreams and hopes you explained right here.

Hilary said...

I agree with Jen. You are a great mom and a very good example to us all, Shauna.