Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A few firsts...

August 22 was our Ward Campout (and Thomas' birthday), as well as the day Zac and Sarah arrived at our house. We didn't give them much time to settle in! They pulled up at about 1:30am and we had them camping that night at this place...
It was a beautiful setting for our very first time camping...and VERY humid! That didn't stop us from having fun.
Zac was so excited to help set up camp.

Thomas woke up pretty grumpy the next morning(shocked?). Thanks to a friend with a pop tart the fit didn't last too long.
The men did an awesome job on breakfast! We decided that since the food turned out so good this year that maybe next year we'll kick it up a knotch...maybe crepes, or eggs benedict??

We spent the rest of the morning with the kids playing in the creek and getting pretty filthy! My boys are pretty skilled when it comes to playing in dirt... but nothing like our friends little girl! Those dirty fingers sure make that marshmallow look clean!
All in all it was a fun event. We were so glad that Zac and Sarah could join us (even though there is a lack of pictures...maybe on another post)


NatalieHemingway said...

Love the pictures Shauna. I was noticing the boys eating their breakfast and looked in the background at the North Shores pavilion. It just made me mad all over again!! NO room huh?! There were like 9 people in there!

Jen B. said...

looks beautiful. Hope you all had a fun time. BTW, zac looks so much like his uncle -- fun!